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Hey guys! i'd like to share with you the Kickstarter page for a game I've been working on…

Please go check it, and if you like it consider helping either by pledging or sharing around

<<<<<<<<<<----------------- check this out…
hey guys, been a while i don't update my journal >_< (coh sunset was almost a year ago)
so, what's up?

i'm open for commissions, hit me a note or e-mail at

see y'all 
So, it was very fun drawing all your characters. I like the exercise, to try new poses, body types and mainly to dive in your heroes stories and try to explain those characters in one image in a fast way and with limited communication. Feels like a Concept art challenge :)

Anyway, i've been enjoying this for 5 or so years and it's very sad to see its sunset. I love the cox community (don't say it out loud) for their appreciation of art and I hope we continue making more art , be with those past characters, their rebooted versions or the new ones you're sure gonna come by.

Now, let's cut the bittersweet talk already (i'm not the best in words anyway) and let's finally announce the winners! (i stalled it a bit mostly cause I wanted a night of sleep first XD and I loved seeing all the characters compiled on the journal ^^'

and the winners of the CoH Sunset Special are: .........(drumroll)
(sorry for the delay, i wanted to release all 3 at the same time)

22 - COHSpecial - 22 - Witchbrand by hugohugo COH - 22 - witchbrand - COLOR by hugohugo

35 - COHSpecial - 35 - Lock n Load Lari by hugohugo COH - 35 - Lock and Load Lari - COLOR by hugohugo

and cause we hit 40, i feel like giving one more prize! :)  (let's hit that generate button again...)  

4 - COHSpecial - 4 - Kill Screen by hugohugo COH - 4 - kill screen - COLOR by hugohugo

sincerely, i'd color all entries if i could XD, you know what? so, another announcement:

I'll keep the $10 bws, yeah, i enjoyed having those a drawing a day (somewhat) deal
and for everybody that participated that want a colored version, i'll have a CoH after sunset special, with extra $20 a piece, i'll color your entries :) (only raffle participants allowed) just cause i'd love to keep doing some coh stuff

So, keep checking my gallery for the finished prizes, and everything else i might upload (i'm bringing sexy back with my Hot Girls of Gaming series, so stay tuned for the next hottie)
And again, thank you everyone who participated, everybody that ever commissioned me (oh, i'm getting emotional) and most of all:

Thank you Heroes (and Villains) of Paragon City! You will not be forgotten!

ps: Commissions are open, note me for details
ufff, i knew you guys would clutter me on the last couple of days, but whoa!
anyway, now that we have all the numbers for the raffle, shall we draw the winners?
so, you guys rather me have the winners announced, or just reveal them with the art done, to have more mistery?

and btw, how was playing your last hours in the city?


If you play COH of course you already know NCSoft is closing it down on November 30…
This is sad news for all fans, but I'd like to make something special for it
Thanks to COH fans that have commissioned me in these what, 5 years or so, I've been able to practice, develop and evolve my art and get my name out there.
So, for you COH fans, I wanna make something special!

I'm offering $10 painted BW digital sketches (in the likes of these down there) till Nov 30th
so, get your best characters, costumes and poses and send me right away! (here on note or at if you have attachments)

But that's not all, since i'd always had such a great time with you guys, for every sketch you get a number, and with those numbers i'll use to raffle one lucky winner for your character fully painted in color (i need at least 10 participants) If we get more entries, I'm thinking of increasing the prizes (and i have a crazy awesome prize idea if we reach a lot - so get the word out!) The more numbers you get, more art you get and more chances to get the prize(s) so it's a win-win-win to get our beloved characters for so many years their deserved blast of a sendoff.

And btw, what are you guys considering after COH? Will you just stop playing, let your characters be a sweet memory from years past? Fan-fic? Migrate your characters to other games? (Champions Online, DC, Marvel?)
comment down here!


EDIT: know what? let's make it 25 and i'll double the prize! 2 winners* will get colored, how does that sound? (*meaning if you win one, you can't win again) GO TELL EVERYONE!


entries so far: (keep 'em coming, don't wait till the last minute!)

1 - COHSpecial - 1 - Verdadera Destreza by hugohugo 2 - COHSpecial - 2 - 1up by hugohugo 3 - COHSpecial - 3 - Delta Witch by hugohugo 4 - COHSpecial - 4 - Kill Screen by hugohugo 5 - COHSpecial - 5 - Lunar Lass by hugohugo
6 - COHSpecial - 6 - Graffitti Samurai by hugohugo 7 - COHSpecial - 7 - Auriana by hugohugo 8 - COHSpecial - 8 - Zaxa by hugohugo 9 - COHSpecial - 9 - Snowbelle by hugohugo 10 - COHSpecial - 10 - Dragonberry by hugohugo
11 - COHSpecial - 11 - Shia by hugohugo 12 - COHSpecial - 12 - Belle Barium by hugohugo 13 - COHSpecial - 13 - Smoking Mirrors by hugohugo 14 - COHSpecial - 14 - Anatoxin by hugohugo 15 - COHSpecial - 15 - Kalypso by hugohugo
16 - COHSpecial - 16 - Dynaia by hugohugo 17 - COHSpecial - 17 - Xeden by hugohugo 18 - COHSpecial - 18 - Fusefray by hugohugo 19 - COHSpecial - 19 - Ultimo Surfer Girl by hugohugo 20 - COHSpecial - 20 - Raksha by hugohugo
21 - COHSpecial - 21 - Punchin Judy by hugohugo 22 - COHSpecial - 22 - Witchbrand by hugohugo 23 - COHSpecial - 23 - Black Luminous by hugohugo 24 - COHSpecial - 24 - Hellgirl by hugohugo 25 - COHSpecial - 25 - Light Sparrow by hugohugo
26 - COHSpecial - 26 - Seneschal Spectre by hugohugo 27 - COHSpecial - 27 - Card Guard by hugohugo 28 - COHSpecial - 28 - Christian Charity by hugohugo 29 - COHSpecial - 29 - Prehistorica by hugohugo 30 - COHSpecial - 30 - Neverdarke by hugohugo
31 - COHSpecial - 31 - Radiopath by hugohugo 32 - COHSpecial - 32 - Chiaroscuaro by hugohugo 33 - COHSpecial - 33 - Skye Black by hugohugo 34 - COHSpecial - 34 - Clairene by hugohugo 35 - COHSpecial - 35 - Lock n Load Lari by hugohugo
36 - COHSpecial - 36 - Sugarthrusters by hugohugo 37 - COHSpecial - 37 - Megacougar by hugohugo 38 - COHSpecial - 38 - Imperax Tesla by hugohugo 39 - COHSpecial - 39 - Beautiful Violence by hugohugo 40 - COHSpecial - 40 - Smart Asp by hugohugo
41 - COHSpecial - 41 - Goldglitz by hugohugo 42 - COHSpecial - 42 - Lilith by hugohugo 43 - COHSpecial - 43 - Lisa Stregan by hugohugo
so, i'm not like OPEN! OPEN! COMMISSIONS! OPEN!
but if you'd like a commission, let's talk :)
note or mail :)
i'm kinda full right now with projects
if you would like a commission, please hold on for a while :P
hey everyone! (yeah, you two over there)
so, i'm more available now
sorry for the long absence
everyone that contacted me about comissions, well, i wont go bugging everyone (well, i might XD) so anyone still interested, please note and/or mail me ^_^
and let's see what the wind brings for this new season (oh i'm so poetic)
i'm gonna have to close down commissions for a while
finishing up a couple i still have, so, don't worry if you're waiting on me...

oh, uploading stuff XD i will bit by bit upload some new art, ok?

and yeah! thanks everyone, i really did not expect david there to be DD, that was really awesome!
Hey people!
Again, I'm open for commissions
Sketches, like the ones right there, go for $15, anything beyond we can talk, ok?
anyway, note me or mail

(i need to upload more stuff >_<)
Hey guys, thank you for the sketches last week, i found them fun and was able to work them safely time-wise (even to fit in some color comishs - whos waiting on those will take a little while more, ok?)
so, i'll continue offering $15 somewhat-daily sketches and anything more than that (more characters, colors) we can talk about

anyone interested, just note me ^_^

btw, there's a cool project i'm doing some art for that i'll be able to tell you guys about hopefully really soon
Hey y'all, i'll be doing sketches for $15
if you're interested, note me (other commissions i'm open for discussion ;)

:iconadamc11779: your girl is there…

:iconeris-kai: your boy is there…

:iconthekelol: your girls 3@…

:iconcheck-out: your bamf…
<-----new art, right there

by the way, i'm taking commissions -- note me!
posted… cause remy fanart is so last night...
more pictures on my blog…
so, this is what I've been doing if you were wondering...……

ton more pictures on my blog

Yey! featured on Kotaku…
so, this week we got a bunch huh?
ophelia for halloween…
and all the ninja turtles…………

so, when you guys come back (and past hangover - booze or sugar) keep sending me suggestions
it has been fun
here's the game: (if you have no idea what im talking about)
you send me suggestions of what you would like to see me draw and i might give it a try if it clicks

commissions are open too, send me a note or mail for details…

so, keep sending suggestions!

who should i draw next?
just recalling the "rules": i might or might not draw anything or even might draw everything you guys suggest

commissions >> note and/or mail
see this one?
Hey people! Hope you're having fun with my newest deviations!
So, thank you for the attention and I come to ask you for your suggestions, ideas, requests, if i find something id' like to give a try
whadahell, if you get some friends to "vote" for a character you really want i might even pretend like i think it's a cry from the fans and draw it
what characters would you wanna see drawn by me?

I'll also use this to respond everyone that contacted me interested on custom figures after eddie:
I'm sorry, can't really compromise to commissions on figures, i make those out of pure love ("those"? what you're talking about, i've seen one if hardly ever - you'd say) and yeah, in my sparest of spare time

But, you guys know (if not yet, then know now) that i do enjoy drawing your original characters, just also being hard to fit in my schedule doing COMMISSIONS - i'm finding those new 1 char no bg quite reasonable to do, so if you want your city of heroes character (not only coh, but most usually, right?)note me or mail me, we might come to an agreement ;)

(wow, isnt this the most unintelligible post ever?)
since i dont upload!
(well, for who's paying attention, i did upload last week a couple commissions)
Today i just made a huge update on two of the latest iPhone games i've worked on (that i can finally show)

It's pretty much some concepts, blue prints and 3D models for you guys to see what goes into making a game ;)

BTW, i have to thank again all of you who've been hitting the eddie figure like crazy, i sure didnt expect so much attention (yeah im repeating myself - but wait cause there's something new coming right and all this love really pumped me up into dedicating myself more to my beloved customizing hobby (that and all the tools i finally got since i arrived in Canada, now i gotta put them to some work, heh?)

SO - if you're still with me here - for you that has just arrived through eddie, likes custom action figures, have been following me regardless, or just loves games - I have something to show off by the end of the month
let me repeat that

i'll have something by the end of the month!

(why are you repeating yourself like this? trying to get people to come back and check - well, yeah, but also to pay attention to the hint - by the end of this month - april)

So, anyone would take a guess into what it may be?
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